Monday, September 2, 2013

Hold me

I have mixed feelings these days ... Not about anything certain but pretty much about anything. I think it is because i'm nervous though. Tomorrow is the first day of school and never in my life i've been so unprepared: I have no books and i forgot my login for the school's site, so i'm not even able to see which lessons i have and where the classes will be at. Luckily my class has a group-page on Facebook and they have told me the most important things so far.
I'm almost finished with unpacking all my stuff and you people probably wonder why it takes me such a long time... and well i do as usual serve the best excuses: first of all i've been gone since i moved over here. I've been on field trip and i've been helping out at my aunt's work, so i haven't even had time to do anything on my laptop. Not even started on watching my  TV series and i already have to go back to school  -.... which means no time for such ... T___T

I haven't handled the transition from my safe small town to the big city too well. I do love Copenhagen, but at times it feels too big, but i thinks i will get used to it after a while. I can't believe i moved out from my little bubble of a home to this... or moreover... moved away from my joyful and carefree teenager years. Though i'm still a teenager, i've never experienced to worry so much about my life and where the road leads me ... At these times, i get scared of what's awaiting me in the future and what is expected from me, because i am the one to control the course of my life but yet i don't feel like handling the task. I need somebody to hold my hand. Not to drag or push me, but somebody i can hold and move along with.

I need a friend.  to hold me .

                                                             ~ and to undress.

    my mind.