Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rant on: Asian parties....

Went to my first "Asian-party" and well... Did not stay there for long so..... I really don't know how they usually are ...  But when i... well i came too early so there was only like a few at the party.. And when i was about to leave, an army came.... When i waited for my bus at the bus station,  it just drove by even though i waved.. The next one was late as well and first after 30 min it arrived... and it didn't take me all the way home so i had to change bus but missed the other so i had to wait 30 min more... it took me like 1.5-2 hours to get home .... i actually liked being there and it's fun .... Besides three things: The dress code/theme, the music and the name of the event ... Today's dress-code for the event was to be "colorful"... All i saw was guys in black and girls in black and white.. Today i had difficulties from see the differences between them all because they all ... looked like each other.. but at every party there will always be like 5 that make too much out of it - like dressing in too many colors or overdoing the makeup with blue in the eyebrows and shimmer on the forehead... and they just look like a circus clown or if their faces were colorized with crayons by children.
And here we go with my other problem: The music.. A song is usually 4-5 mins long and here they play like 30 sec. of a song before putting another one on... and here comes my last problem: the name of the event .. My friend told me that tonight's name was "Full Moon Color Party"(correct him if's it's wrong) and to be fully honest ... I think it sounds like a subtitle to a Mario Party game..

 I think i want to go again some other time, and then i have to stay there much longer than today. I actually have a good excuse for leaving early: i'm sick and did not feel well at the moment so i decided to head home for my bed and get some sleep.

The Asian parties in Denmark are either arranged by  the Fried Rice-group or AZNENT/AZNCON and they usually have an event once in a month in the bigger cities in Denmark, like Copenhagen Århus, Odense and sometimes Horsens as well ^^

Damn,... i'm tired ... Goodnight !