Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I miss my camera...

Taking "selfies" aren't the same without my hybrid-camera and the camera on my macbook su*** .... It has been a month since i turned  my camera in for some reparations and still they haven't fixed it.. And i have to go all the way to Odense to get it -.-..

- I just wanted to update you that i'm alive, more busy than usual and more sleepless than ever.
Last weekend I came to Odense to celebrate my little sister's 13th birthday and I got her a pair of Sorel winter boots. That little pig wasn't even thankful for the "two-layered-kidney-bean-brownie-strawberry-ice-cream-sandwich" I made for her =__=.

This thursday and saturday i'll go out and celebrate Full Moon/lantern festival and my siblings will come to CPH this friday to spend the entire weekend with me ... And friday i'll babysit my little nephew Michael, so as you can see i have a busy week ahead of me ^^

Bye guys.