Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21st

On the shortest day and in the darkest night
I draw on myself since... I'm not very bright
The lights are out and the streets are dim
And here I sit alone - stretching every limb

People plays music and do Christmas shopping, 
Running around town.... searching for nothing
Couples are hugging, kissing and walking down the street
And here I'm watching South Park wondering what to eat

People say that Christmas is the most joyful time of the year
Somehow for me it isn't - it's a single day that I fear
Why the presents and why the tree
Why is Christmas about me, me and me 

Here I thought It was about the values - not the price or weight
We should be celebrate the joy of something far more great 
Celebrate the love and faith we have in one another 
Your grandma' , your dog and even your stupid little brother

So here I lie in my bed - as pathetic as I can be
Wondering what the BEAVER is wrong with me
Being poetic and such can suck sometime(s)
Because some of the lines doesn't even rhyme

What am I doing this late? Don't ask me why
I'm sleepy as &@%$ like I'm about to die
Who am I to lie?
I want to cry
Oh my!
An apple pie! 

Happy holidays my friends, I hope you've been good
Glad that you read my poem and hope you understood
Merry Christmas and I'll see you next year
But next year... I might not be here

No no no, it's not like i'm planning my death
It's just because I have other plans instead
I'm not leaving the blog - never will I do
I'm just blogging way less than i used to

I will blog when i'm lonely and when I feel the need
I blog about the same things, same crappy things indeed
Expect no surprises, expect nothing at all
What can you demand, especially from a five foot tall ? 

Merry Christmas !!!