Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The roommate

My cousin told me the other day that i was born under a lucky star because i have a good dorm room. She made me happy and thankful for having this place to stay ^^. I've been asked if there are many social activities here, but unfortunately there isn't. Living here is like having your own apartment and i only meet my neighbours when i'm on my way out, home or just looking in the mailbox... Some of the students living in this building has roommates, but since my room is only for a single person, I tend to get lonely and would sometimes wish for a roommate.  A few days ago, my older cousin   Anh came to my place for a visit and she's been staying here for less than a week now. It's somehow like having a roommate and i'm glad that i've tried to live with another person. Surprisingly we've booth been sleeping well despite the fact that  we've been sharing a single bed, but fortunately she's quite slim^^.
We've been talking about movies and there's quite a bunch she hasn't got time to watch, but unfortunately neither one of us had the time, because otherwise i would love to see Gravity. Hasn't had the opportunity yet, and since she's seen Catching Fire and I've seen The desolation of Smaug, it was almost obvious that the next movie to watch would be Gravity. We eat whenever we want and rarely at the same time. Come to think of it, we haven't being doing anything much together, besides studying, but i guess that would be the same as living together with another person. We have our own schedules, but we talk to each other every morning about our plans for the day, before heading out and before bed we talk about how the day was - like evaluating it. She's about to go home soon, so when she leaves i'll miss my short period of having a social life and somebody to talk to before heading to bed. Well, the cellphone has been invented and now it's not that expensive to call somebody as when you were younger, but it's quite not the same, talking through the phone. So, having a roommate the last few days has been a joy for me - and maybe i'll get one someday ... or regret it ^^