Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chuc tet vui ve !!

Changed my hair again. .. got a new perm but it happened to bee too much.. my curls are too many and too small so my hair gets so puffy -__-
In the event of Copenhagen fashion week tresemme offered a free hairstyling, so i took the opportunity and got it straightened - not permanently though. . Just for the occasion that it is chinese new year or what i rather call it tet ^^
I'm spending the remainings of my vacation in malmø with my dad's family and celebrating tet with my cousins here ^^
This post says nothing. .. but chuc mung tet vui ve lam an phat tai!! Cong xi ni fat tai !!!!(i have no idea if i spelled it correct or not) xD

On the first picture you see my new perm, second is straightened and last is the "before" picture ^^
And yes, i love my leopard print shirt ^^