Monday, February 10, 2014

Reunited with an old flame

My siblings and I finally found NERDS which is candy from Wonka in a store in Sweden, when we went there last weekend. Though it was a little bit pricey it was worth it, since we hadn't had candy from wonka since i came back with some... but that was back in summer 2010.. But as you can see my sister is quite happy for getting some^^

Since valentine's day is coming up i've updated my playlist in the sidebar with mostly old songs from movies but the one in this entry is my favourite ^^
I had the song on my old iPod, but i couldn't remember its name. Since it was called "Song 02" I had to search for it using the lyrics. Thank god somebody asked the same question on Yahoo-answers ^^.

So the big question is ... what am i gonna do on V-day ? I'm planning on making a bomb... a chocolate truffle shaped like a bomb while listening to Eric Carmen - All By Myself.... eating chocolate all by myself ...  (i'm future cat woman)
Just kidding, I plan to hang out with my cousin so i won't be that alone on v-day ^^
I'm gonna celebrate my love for myself XD

Any man in my thoughts atm? I have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch <3