Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Family, Duty, Honor

My sisters confirmation was celebrated sunday and as always i expect lots of drama. This time i was still taken by surprise, even though being prepared. I was surprised of the number of people staying away from the party. No personal grudges were being held, it was just because people were busy with other arrangements that day that led to the smallest family gathering that i could think of. I had a stress time being at as many places as i could, doing my best to help my parents out with the party. My sister, indeed, charmed herself into peoples heart and for once she got the praise she has deserved for a long time. Using my grandfather's words, but with a twist, to describe that little fairy, she's the best sister you ever could have because you know whatever would happen, she would be there for you - And true to those words, she has been everything my little brother ever had.

 Everything was like i thought of: the mood was good, the food was fantastic and the weather was the only thing that could top that and the only thing that couldn't be ruined by people. People be people but family be family - you can count on them when the world is a threat, but you cannot be sure if they are your alley if the war is thought within the margin of the family. You know who are with you from the beginning and you know who pretends to be your alley. You know them so well and you can count on that they won't surprise you. They make every move you have thought before them. But it can occur that you get blinded and forget. You start to believe in them. You believe that they have changed and yet they just never stop to disappoint you. They know it, but won't admit it and  you know it because they even have the guts to look you in the eye, talk to you and pretend they're innocent and dare to ask for your help. And that's when you remember who they really are.

 Despite that i had a blast and finally a little peace in my mind. I learned that people age, but it doesn't mean they'll ever grow up.

- And i've found another song for my wedding playlist.

And sorry for the dramatic post - I've been watching  the first season of Game of Thrones ... and i haven't fallen for it yet, but i made me write like i was a less poetic version of Gollum.