Saturday, June 21, 2014

one more day gone

My summer vacation just officially started and yet i feel like my schedule is full of appointment instead of classes, making me just as busy as going to school. I don't have so many "big" plans for the summer but i got around 70 days to spend before starting next semester and i kinda already know what they're gonna be spend on.  Family takes the most of this holiday, no doubt, and i'm just happy that i got vacation until september so i can get to do as many thing i can and be together with as many people as possible... and of course watch as many matches that i can from World Cup. I'm not a football enthusiast - i just like the game and don't really care about the technical part. I actually have no background information either and i just watch it for the excitement.  Yes, i'm the type that decides to root for a team when i find out which countries are playing.... and sometimes i wait until they show all the players before i decide XD

I have a list of what i want to get done this vacation and judge me by it, because it's sure a weird list:
- Watch all  Star Wars movies I-VI
- Watch all Back to The Future 1-3
- Catch up with Pretty Little Liars (I'm still in season 3)
- Catch up with Game of Thrones
- Start and finish a Korean drama
- Watch less tv.......
- Travel to least 2 countries
- Teach my bunny a trick
- Run 5k without dying
- Bike to my grandparents at least 5 times
- Clean my closet
- Throw out stuff i don't need
- Wonder why i have a funny taste in music
- Think of what else i can add on this list that isn't a movie...

Yes, unfortunately i have a really weird taste in music.... and what worries me more, is that i have been so excited for the holiday ... that when i realise i have nothing to be excited about,... i become restless.... but here's what i've been listening to lately..

Good enough chi vi ? ^^