Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Bach !

Hello out there ! I think i just broke my "absent without telling people about it"-record.... sorry....

I've been traveling for almost two weeks and i actually just got back today. So many things happened on my trip that are worth mentioning, but this time i won't tell. This trip is one I want to keep for myself.... (moreover i went out drinking a few times and have done embarrassing stuff i rather skip talking about) ^^

I'm back in Odense for my vacation, spending as much time that i can with my family.... and already i've done nothing else. I came to Odense saturday morning, catching the 5.50 train to be in Odense at 7. Apparently a main road in Odense is closed in order to expand the shopping street. Not only the town has changed. I use to recognise people but i've been around town and everyone seem unfamiliar.  Even when my cousin tells me about the asians I tend to ask twice who she's talking about because even the names feels like they have been taken out of the book of the most  5 common names used in Denmark.

Maybe it's me that cannot follow with the world around me while i'm on vacation .... But again .. I shouldn't follow anything else than my heart when i'm on holiday ^^

..... And that's why i've since saturday have been at my grandparents place every single day ..... I've really missed them, but the last few days there has not only being me visiting them. My cousins all around Denmark has been visiting them, so i haven't had my alone time with them yet... And it's the calm i miss.... not the storm ...

The next few days will be spent in the garden with my father ..... so i haven't even got time to finish anything on my bucket list for my summer...........

...... And here's the song i've got stuck in my head since my trip.... and no it's not the mainstream songs we listen to here in Denmark .... because it's one of the mainstream songs in Germany !!^^

And since one of my favourite teams for World cup won, i need to put this one on the list as well. I'm not sure but i think it's the german world cup song ^^