Sunday, July 20, 2014

They got nothing on you, baby

Last few days has been quite hectic.  The world is turning around me. Everything happens so fast and it's taking it's toll on me. I can't follow, i can't  even  understand clearly what's happening because it's beyond my comprehension. Everything is moving and it's doing it without me, because my head is on standby.... And you know what ? I don't even want to think about anything. I don't want to care about anything ... I say whatever i want  - straight from the heart without taking any precautions to anybody. I just don't care anymore if i hurt people or not and that is why i'm ranting on a specific type of person. 

We all have that "friend" - That stubborn, selfish, self-pitying friend that cannot take criticism. 
I can just avoid and ignore you, but yet you happen to pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook, with the same content everyday. Why do you even put yourself out there? Posting lots of sad smileys, quotes about hardships, love problems and even declare your undying love on your significant others Facebook-page.  What do you want ? "likes"? comments?  Do you even want me to share it on my page as well ?  If you have low self-esteem problems Facebook isn't the right platform to use in order to gain confidence or get acceptance.  If you happen to have a problem with someone,(who even also has a Facebook) talk to the person it's about, instead of posting it up on Facebook and start a public battle. Why even tell people that love is hard and such when your SO is on Facebook and actually can see your miserable screams for attention. What else do you earn than a bunch of people pitying you? I can tell you that those friends that appear in the comment section aren't even really worried about you. They just want to know what happened since you got to be so pathetic. Your real friends would've called you on the very second you posted that status and told you to delete it and talk to them about your problem. Actually a real friend would already talked to you and figured it out before you even got the urge to spill it out on the world wide web. 

If you got something to talk about, don't use your status on Facebook as a forum board . If you love somebody tell them it - don't show it off often publicly and the gesture loses its meaning by doing so. 

And to that one person: How can you abandon everyone for someone else and still expect people to stick up for you when hell is loose? How can you expect anyone to be there for you, when all you have been doing is bailing because you rather wanted to be elsewhere than to be there for somebody when they needed it. How can you expect anyone to change their plans for you, if you wouldn't do the same for them? How can you even talk down about any person if you're no different.  Please don't call on me like I'm some kind of last option, when you are in need because nobody else wanted to be there for you. Spare me!  Please ! Whatever happened to you, you deserved it. You've worked so hard for it so actually, you've earned it yourself by being so reckless and narrow-minded.  I've got nothing left for you than worries for  the time your friends have wasted, because if they knew you, they would have been gone as well. 

I hate myself for having these thoughts. I hate myself even more for my urge to pen them down.