Wednesday, September 17, 2014

out of the ordinary

I went to see Sung-ha Jung concert in Copenhagen friday with my cousin and my niece. I'm not the most guitar-interested person, but since my niece Catly loves almost everything that has anything to do with Korea (also because she plays guitar), we decided to go. My cousin from Odense likes him as well so she came to Copenhagen to watch him with us. There were around 100 in the hall and despite the fact that we just came 15 min before the concert was about to start, we still managed to find a quite good spot among the crowd.  The concert took around 2.5 hours with a 15 min break and it took us through a journey of different self-compositions to some more known songs like Disney's frozen theme song "let it go". It was quite an experience just listening to only a guitar because there were no words to fill in between and there were no words needed at all. It was like the music was pulling you through memories and landscapes and to be honest... it gave me chills and goose bumps. After the concert we got Catly's guitar autographed and got to take a photo with Sung-ha before leaving. 

The day after my cousin and I went to Odense after a short shopping trip downtown. It was weird being in Odense again since it has only been a little more than a month since last time but everything seemed different. The air was different, the people looked different and some shops around town was now replaced by others. 

My sister Julie's birthday was just around the corner and I asked her a dozen of times about what she wanted to do on her birthday and what she wanted me to get her. Thinking that she was about to turn 14, the start of her teenage years has only begun, I would assume she wanted clothes, gift cards, concert tickets or something but she's always out of the ordinary. She's a child by heart and never asks for more than what she deep down wants. She's not pushed or feeling the weight of trends, time or what her friends do and want. She doesn't really care and i admire her for being true to herself at this point. I've always been the type of person that over-wished to that point that i'm wishing for stuff I don't even want, only because other wants it. 
I asked Julie to make me a list and it's the funniest i've heard a teenager wish for her birthday.  It's just said: iPhone covers, sour candy, big pegboards, something creative, something fun with colors.... and chewing gum but not anything with the taste of mint. I took her and Dennis to Bilka when i reached home and took every flavor of chewing gum there were by the cashier except mint and when i asked her if she wanted more she said she was satisfied..... i spent like 55 DKR.... in my mind i had saved like 500 DKR. for the occasion and then she only wanted chewing gum ... You know the saying that "It's the simple things that make you happy"... and for her, it's apparently berry-flavored chewing gum...
Something even funnier is that when i asked the two of them where they wanted to eat dinner, they both agreed on IKEA....... I offered them steaks, sandwiches, burgers and pizza but they wanted IKEA.. 

Sunday was spent on quality time with the family, which means my brother went to a birthday party and Julie watched Korean drama while my mother was working... The only person that wasn't doing anything was my father.... As much as i fear starting a conversation with my father, because in 9/10 cases it turns out to be a quarrel, i actually spent 3 hours with him in the garden, helping him move around 120 liter of dirt across the road... in the rain... and actually it was quite fun. 
Just like me, my father stinks when it comes to eye measurement. He calculated wrong so many times so we just ended up in moving twice as much dirt as he had thought to begin with. He never lets me work in my usual clothes and always tell me to wear gloves and such... I felt that a fever might were sneaking up on me so I packed myself in.... We made heads turn the most of the time because we both ended up looking like thieves stealing dirt from the neighbors by the way we were dressed.

I stayed till monday since i came in the afternoon saturday and felt like i needed another day home. I woke up by 6 to sing for my sister monday morning but seeing her in deep sleep made me cringe and went back to bed. In the end she woke me up and when she left the room i realized it was supposed to be the other way around. I was sleeping on my stomach and without realizing it,  I ended up singing while facing my pillow, making my song sound like energetic muttering and like somebody was killing me with the pillow at the same time. I did not even get to finish before i fell asleep again. After they left, I woke up and went downstairs to ask if there was anything i could help my mother with. Usually there would be a bunch but this time she told me to get back to bed and at noon we would visit my grandparents.  

When i came to my grandfather he looked like usual: a tired old man, but this time he was "airing"
he's big belly... and he asked me if anybody had broken my heart and if he should kill them for me....
My grandmother was fine as well, looking only shorter than usual but still hugged me with a warm embrace and a great smile. It's not like i do it but it feels like I usually make some kind of a public statement about me going to Odense so people know, because everyone i met was super surprised for me being back... ok, maybe it's because they met me on a monday...

When my siblings came home from school we went downtown to celebrate Julie. neither father or mother wanted to join us in the celebration so we decided to lay low around it. As asian as i am when it comes to eating out, we went to Bones because Julie could eat for 165 DKR for free there since it was her birthday. Another thing was that if you leave the table before 19:00 they would give you a discount of 20%. We came at 17 and left around 18.45... and saved like 40% when both discounts were combined. I offered them ice-cream or frozen yogurt wight the saved money and they both refused blankly because they were too stuffed. 

Afterwards it was time for me to head back to Copenhagen and they both sent me off before catching the bus themselves. When i was asked to show my ticket on the train, i opened my phone and the ticket lady shouted "ohh, i love pikachu" and as slow as i am i did not realized that i still have a picture of Pikachu eating a pocky-stick as my background picture.... She was around the 50's and she knew what a pikachu looked like....even my mother still calls a gameboy for a playboy...
 - while i was searching for the ticket the conductor told me she love Winnie the Pooh as well and i hesitated, turned and smiled at her and told her i love him as well quite surprised that she liked such things. For some odd reason the transaction did not go through when i bought my train ticket over my phone and when asked to show the ticket i had none. I was scared and frozen because not having a ticket would get a 750 DKR fine... I told her the problem and i think she knew i did not have any kind of bad intentions or was trying to get a free ride and even when i asked her if i still could by a ticket in time just to skip the fine,  she smiled at me.. And the she said that i shouldn't buy the ticket, but that she needed to finished her round before coming back for me. Annoyed at myself i sat and waited for her to come back with the papers for me to sign, but she never came back ... Even at the end station, which was my stop, she did not come back for me. When i got out from the train, she stood farther down the platform and then she waved at me .. not for me... which meant that she let me off the hook ... So i went on and smiled like a brat all the way home...

And here's my favorite song atm ^^