Friday, September 12, 2014

Another mans treasure

When i still lived in Odense, i longed for Copenhagen but now when i live here, i get tired of it. Just until recently I've been around Copenhagen and really have seen what the town is like on a sunny day. I've been around the most places you come to think of when mentioning Copenhagen - Nørrebro, Østerbro, Indre By, Islands brygge, Frederiksberg and more. I must admit Copenhagen has its own charm and every part of the town is different from the others. I'm somehow not immune to the noise from the streets yet, but that will come... but I don't think i will EVER be used to people singing me serenades at 3 am outside my window. 

I used to be really much into DYI. projects but since school is taking the most of my time, my motivation level is below zero. I've been thinking about getting started again when i find some inspiration on the world wide web and thank god for that!

I've seen pictures of creative soap dispensers on various pages and decided to make one myself.
I asked my uncle a month or two ago, that if he had an empty Jack Daniels bottle, if he could give it to me. When i finally got one I took it with me to Ikea to find a soap dispenser head that could fit the bottle.  Since i don't have so much space at the kitchen sink and even less at the bathroom sink, I decided to fill the bottle up with hand-sanitiser which i bought from the local pharmacy.  It's actually a quite good gift idea because the bottle itself has a really nice shape ^^

My neighbours upstairs have been moving out which mean that the hallway was full of stuff they were throwing out. There's a little hoarder in me so i couldn't resist taking something from the pile. I took a door from a sliding door cabinet which i now use as a mirror in my hallway. The piece of wood that makes the door, is still stuck behind and i let the rolling feet be on as well so it stands up by my wall and it doesn't slide at all, because it feet blocks. so... WUHUU I GOT A FREE MIRROR :D (and yes the thing in the corner is a shoe wheel- heheheh ;))