Monday, October 27, 2014


Whenever i look around i see the same thing. I see it especially on social medias and i cannot help either be sucked in to it or totally annoyed by it. If you have no clue about what i'm writing about, that's good! You're not supposed to know yet.

Have you ever noticed how perfect people seems like on social media ? And how it makes us want to be just like them? Not only on social media but also around you - friends, family etc. I feel there's so many criteria that people feel they have to meet in order to somehow fit in the picture that they have of todays society and meet the bar of what is socially acceptable. You don't have to be pretty or this tall but do something for yourself that you're able to and not be defined by your genetics. "You have to eat healthy, exercise every second day, read literature, be up to date with the economy, the latest fashion, interior, war, politics and just in general the whole world in its current state. And yes, you'll have to be well dressed and organised for god's sake.  I feel that everything is so rushed like there's a deadline for crossing out these task in your life and the date is set on the end of my twenties. I hear people tell me that i have to enjoy the time while i'm young and studying and i shouldn't rush myself in to the real world. What real world are you talking about?  I don't say it doesn't happen but I rarely hear people saying that they're just fine and happy  with there life and where that stand at the moment. I don't recon hearing it from a person around my age. 

When you it the twenties, you might start on the university/college, work, living on your own etc. and be out there where nothing isn't shaped by schedules or people preparing everything for you. You are on your own deciding what you want. Doing what you want. But what's so great about it when you actually don't know and don't want to plan your own future and schedule and like the safe feeling of everything being decided for you. You work for yourself, cook for yourself, exercise for yourself and live for yourself. You do everything for yourself and nobody does anything for you.
 Feels confusing? Well, it doesn't end here.
One day you're ready to move out from your parents safe home, thinking that you have an endless sea of possibilities that is served right in front of your face, knowing what to do with your life and such In reality somebody is just standing besides you, laughing for your overload of confidence and lack of knowledge. You are born within borders and frames to keep you safe, raised to by a template for success or what you believe you're life is supposed to be like. In reality it's all built up by the expectations and the illusions you have for yourself but also by (what you think) people expect of you. You cannot meet these expectations - of course you cannot because they are deeply unrealistic 

So what happens when i get thirty? Am i entering this "real" world when i hit this age? New criteria to come? New goals? Am I going to be asked why I'm not married yet, or why i haven't bought a house yet and why i don't want to have kids yet ? Do they need to be a part of a social standard based on my age?

나도 몰라, 난 상관 없어, 하지만 난 괜찮아 .