Sunday, November 2, 2014

Brush it off

There are things you can discuss, 
things that matter, don't even matter much, 
but there are things that are better of being untold. 
speaking is silver but silence is gold
I didn't expect anything and yet i'm disappointed. 
what you called "good", you went right away an spoilt it
By not doing anything, you lost me
broke me, hurt me,  just go plead guilty
for once please, just be wrong
just go ahead and admit it, don't stand strong
don't try to put it on me like partly it's my fault 
can't you do better than a bigger insult?
You told me to care less and set myself first.
Well, I'll listen to your words 
and that's what I'll do  - I'll care less about you

Just delete the playlist we made
all our songs, just go ahead and take
all the memories and rip them apart
treat them the same way you did with my heart

Don't bring up the good days 
don't remember when it all was okay
Don't make me confused leaving me with no words to say
I'm not gonna try anyway
say something make you wanna stay
I'm not trying to lie but it was worth it all the way
Don't event try a bit to make me hate you 
even if all the things you did was quite distasteful 
i will forget, move on and be graceful
Words to live by: be always grateful
I will never let you get me, 
push me, curse me
i'll never let you change that about me 
because you won't.
But you know what i'll do ? - I'll let you sleep and care less about you