Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Monday evening I went to Kina Grannis' concert here in Copenhagen with an old friend of mine. We've known each other since child when we both used to go to summer camp. I've always seen him as an older brother despite only being one year younger than him and he's reminds me of a short Slenderman because of his bony, slender figure. The thing is that i haven't really seen him for about 3-5 years. He lives here in Copenhagen and despite living here myself for a year now i haven't found the time to meet him so i was rather excited to meet him again after such a long time. In my mind i only  remember his childish face and the way he smiles but when opened the door, I let in a stranger. He looked different - overall he was just different. Time did it's magic on him but again my memory tends to play games with me. He looked so "grown" suddenly and i had to look myself in the mirror just to check after if i did too. I actually did. In my head i looked like my 13 year old self but suddenly realised i'm 20. I'm 20 ???
We talked like if it was only yesterday we had seen each other but then again both him and I could feel that we were in a whole different stage in our lives and we're not kids anymore. Suddenly there are things to worry about and that worry grows like a tree on our shoulders. We still had fun like we used to and we are a lot alike.
I wanted to make him some food before we left for the concert so i cooked some rice and made salad - asian style. I used red cabbage and spinach and when i cooked it, it turned my meat purple and it looked creepy as hell... I was not sure if i should serve it because it looked like wet seaweed but it tasted fine.

The concert was at Lille Vega, a small bar-kinda venue. We had a good spot, but because of my ears easily hurt while listening to loud music, i didn't want to get closer, ending up standing a bit in the back.  Kina Grannis was lovely. Her voice both pierced and calmed me, leaving me with goosebumps. I actually did not know so many of her songs again, but she still reached me ^^
She let people from the audience come up to the stage and sing with her and she even took her sister on stage to join her in a duet. I was particularly moved by a song she wrote to her grandfather, reminding me of last spring.
By the end of the concert, she thanked and stepped away from the scene, I was about to be a little disappointed that she didn't play the only song i could sing along with. Eventually she came back immediately, took her guitar and played Valentine and all the girls sang with her. A perfect ending in my eyes.

After the concert, my friend took me home, talking all the way about love and such. It's fun to talk to a guy about such things, without it having to be a discussion about point of views.  It's fun because we actually meet in the middle when it comes to this, in which case i've never experienced with a guy before. We have the same opinion when it comes to dating and we're both from very traditional homes, so without even saying anything, we already know what each other struggle with and what we want in a relationship. It was kind of relaxing to have such an conversation without feeling being judged because the other part easily could put themselves in your shoes vice versa.

You know...The first one is the one you're head over heels for, dreaming about the future even if it's only been a few months and you cannot wait to let them meet your parents.  With the next one(s) you are more careful with, not rushing, not stressing and not committing at all because you don't wanna lose yourself again. I think we've all been there. I rather just take things slow when it comes to relationships and such because after all i'm only 20 and i'm just as confused and insecure as i was as a 13 year old. I don't know what i want so I rather take one day at a time instead of planning to far ahead and get myself worked up over self imagined problems.