Monday, November 17, 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M*

* no classes were skipped for this XD

I'm a little late for blog updates because i've been busy lately to bear over with me ^^

A week ago i was waiting in line for the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. Believe it or not i stood in line for 8.5 hour in light rain to be among the the first 20 to get inside the store. They only let 30 people in at a time, giving them 15 min to shop and 5 min to empty the store before the next bunch of 30 people could get inside.  Luckily i had J to join me that night. He just came for my sake. We sat there talking with people around us, wondering why the first 10 people in line were 18 year old boys...And why they were drunk..... They all came for the same shirt, so i kinda get why they already came there by 8 pm.... okay they are just crazy. The police actually stopped by around 8 times to see what the fuss was all about and of course they just looked with despair in their eyes because who is crazy enough to stand in line for clothing that isn't even on sale.. Security came out around 3 am and around 4 am we reached around 80 people in the line. I met some quite funny people that night - quite a bunch of them were fashion enthusiasts and they were all guys.  We told knock knock jokes as well and listened to hip hop on bluetooth speakers - starting our own party.

Here's a favourite of mine: Why have nobody heard of Napoleons brother - It's because they were Bornapart..... HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!

J and I tried to make time pass by listening to music and sleep, but it got quite cold at times so i was more than happy to have someone to join me in this sick task. He's a real keeper and what i would call the best person in the world. Also because he could stand that i wanted to listen to the same song on and on... and here it is ! Can you believe listening to this for hours ? XD

 When the store was about to open 9 am, all the workers from H&M went upstairs on the balcony and looked down on the customers lined up in front of the store. When the countdown started a girl next to me and I myself got bad nerves. The countdown from 10 got me even more nervous for some odd reason and i felt like i was a participant of Hunger Games - Wang version...

Inside the store, people ran around like startled Guinea pigs, grabbing everything they could. I had put J on a mission himself to get apart of the things that i wanted in case there would be a rush. We made a list and decided it so we could finish faster.  I oddly took my time to look at the clothing, feel the fabric and find my size before moving forward for the next piece. It was like time stopped... or that 20/30 were guys and their clothing was in the back of the store...
I found everything i wanted before meeting up with J again, seeing that he found a skirt (wrong one) and 2 pieces of the same sports bra but in 2 different sizes... which i already had taken myself... He was really confused and really tired so we laughed it off and moved forward. I found the bag i had on my list and there was only one left on the shelf. I had to jump twice to grab it, feeling lucky as i don't know what for being able to get the last bag in the store. We payed and went out of the store as the first. I skipped the dressing room because I was super tired and took my chances with buying everything in the same size. J was carrying the huge paper bag of clothes and just as we came out, girls started to whine and point fingers at him. He got confused and i explained that they were looking at his bag and not him, ruining his moment of feeling famous for a little. ****(J just corrected me: He says he knew people were looking at the bag***)

When we reached back home to my place, I realised we only had been in the store for less than 15 min since i was home by 9.20 and it takes around 10 min to walk to my place from there. We threw our things and went to bed immediately, sleeping a couple of hours before waking up by 15. Our tummies were hungry so we went down to COMO, a new restaurant that opened nearby three weeks ago, and tried out their menu. We are both already a fan of Mon Amour and now that they expanded  with an italian restaurant, I just had to try it out. We got a 3 "course dinner" and it was quite simple: each dish cost the same and is about the same size.  We got bruchetta with both fresh and semi dried tomatoes, beef/potato compote and raspberry panna cotta. Quite good but since the servings are small, and we hadn't eaten all day, we finished quickly before heading home and go treasure hunt in the refrigerator.  (*Just found out they forgot to serve the 4th dish but we still payed for 4....)

I guess i've never let you guys see J before... So here he is !
There's a good explanation to why i've kept him a secret - He's quite handsome ^^
Thanks to this guy i've conquered more of the world than i hoped for. 

Dedicating a gem i just found from the archives to this punk ^^

Bonus! Of course i have to reveal what i bought - because that's the only reason you even read this entry! 
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I actually got everything that i wanted and for me it was worth the waiting ^^