Thursday, November 20, 2014


11th November Ed Sheeran came to Denmark and i was lucky enough to get tickets, since it was all sold out within 44 min.  I went there with a friend of mine, PP, from Austria. He came for the concert since Ed didn't play in his country and used the opportunity to visit me as well. I'm not a huge fan of Edd again since i barely know so many of his songs again. I discovered him only about 2 years ago and fell in  love with his song "kiss me" and some few others but there weren't so many that i liked from his new album X. Compared to me, PP is a true Ed Sheeran fangirl. If i had to mention somebody I would consider myself as a fan of, it would be Backstreet Boys and Robbie Williams……. definitely Robbie…
I think that i somewhat can call myself professional when it comes to standing in lines, because we came to the concert hall about 18.50 and they opened the doors at 19.00 but the line was about 1 km long, slinging around the concert venue and even further away. We waited almost 1 hour before we got in and luckily we had numbered seats, so we didn't have to worry that anybody would take our seats.

Ed sings amazingly and the only thing that can top that is his guitar playing even though he made mistakes a few times. I made a list of highlights of the show with both what i liked and what i didn't because describing and reviewing a concert isn't really my thing again.

Concert peeks:

Good rapping skills but he's not a rapper so it doesn't really suit him - prefer he stick to the singer/songwriter style and not the pop-idol.

Loop was badly timed a few times, making the song seem a little stressful

Scene too big for a oneman-show - but the big screens helped filling it out.

He's a good entertainer but he seemed rather arrogant, not speaking between the songs so much, like wanting to get the show over as fast as possible. 

Rock twist was good but it seemed more like "pop try to rock" and seemed a little clumsy.

What's up for the "Third Reich"-arm movements?? and the red scene show color? and the weird beat he wanted the crowd to follow ???

Ed's burning body when he played i see fire……….. Loved that Smaug guested the screens…

Loved the sampling of Backstreet Boys' - Everybody and Chris Browns - Loyal.

Thanking off the concert a bit too fast and a weird way…. A little too much of himself though… 

Best of all - The crowd was the AWESOME !!!

After the concert we went straight home, walking across the lakes, enjoying the view and the whole experience. Really tired and with drums in my ears, I went to bed dreaming about the whole concert over again. Overall a really good experience. Gonna try to get tickets for super junior when they come to Europe in 2015 ^^