Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I spend last wednesday being together with a friend of mine after School. Let's call her Bee because i might mention her more often here on the blog. After class ended we took a walk around town and and booked ourself an appointment at MAC @ Magasin Kongens Nytorv to get fake lashes applied. They had a campaign where you could get a pair of lashes for free and get them applied by their makeup artist. Because of some misunderstandings we were booked twice - on both friday and then saturday the week after.

Just for starters: This is how long my lashes are after many coats of mascara. They don't curl at all and points straight down. Even if i use an eyelash curler the effects wear off in a few minutes despite using mascara.

The first time, I picked a pretty small and short pair of lashes, going for the natural look... funny i say natural, because i told the makeup artist to use my face as her canvas and she did not hold back with the glitter. She used oven baked eyeshadow in the combination of white and black, swirling both colours together and just apply it all over my lid.  In the inner corners of my eyes she applied the white colour to make my eyes pop out more, while keeping the outer corners darker to add some depth.  The eyelashes were almost invisible, blending quite well in to my own lashes, making them look fuller.

* heavy makeup and filter made my skin look like cupcake glazing. My skin is not that perfect. 

Bee took a little longer pair and  since she already has long, voluminous lashes they just blended in like they were her own and made them appear fuller.

Second time i got eyelashes, i picked a longer and fuller set of lashes, going for the Bambi eyes. 
This time i did the makeup myself, letting them put only eyeliner on top and coat my bottom lashes with mascara. They were put on a little clumsy so in the end of the day, they poked my eyes and i had to get them off. Bee took the same pair as well, but it looked so much better on her. Unfortunately i did not get a picture of it for comparison because we were both quite in a rush. 

Both eyelashes doesn't feel heavy at all since the strip is quite thin. 
But hell yeah i got 2 sets of lashes for free - really taking advantage of their offers waking my inner asian stereotype...(bai no ting, get to fee XD)

If you're not used to have lashes on, I have some tips for you i got from the makeup artists!
Always ask for help when you're applying them - doing it by yourself the first time can be quite hard. 

1) Cut them so they fit your eyes. 

2) Put glue on a cotton swap but not on the head but on the stick itself. Then you can apply a decent amount of glue on the strip easier and avoid glue on the lashes or  big white spots on your eyes.

3) Apply as close to the lash line as possible 

Otherwise many places offer to put lashes on for you for payment or when you buy a set of lashes. 

Hope it could help ! Here's my tune for today :D