Sunday, January 31, 2016


A week ago, My cousin Hoang Vi and I went on a spontaneous trip to London, England (fun fact: we booked the tickets less than 72 hours before departure).
We had a fun time in London, seeing 70% of the towns landmarks the first day (by mistake) and I got to watch my very first musical: WICKED!! :D Can't say anything else than FANTASTIC!!!!!
The rest of the days were spent on more sightseeing, walking, shopping and definitely a lot of walking. I couldn't feel my legs (insert joke: WHEN I'M WITH YOOOUUU) the days after.

 For some odd reason we only ate once or twice a day... and every day we would eat chicken.... First Nando's marinated, then KFC's deep-fried and lastly a whole grilled chicken we bought at Waitrose for like £3 ....

Before i forget it ... I got to meet an old friend i've met back in 2009 when i was in California. I met up with him for lunch which resulted in me  spending £30 on lobster .... and it was not even THAT good...

It was the most expensive one-course meal i've ever had in my life.... and i ended up returning £33 worth of stuff to Primark just make myself feel better about that meal... I could have gotten 30 cheeseburgers in Denmark for that lobster... -.-

By the end of our stay, Hoang Vi's suitcase was packed with clothing while mine was full of airbags of chips. I  managed to stuff about 6 bags of chips in my suitcase :P

Buckingham Palace

Notting Hill

Tower bridge

There are a few thing i regret that i did not do while being in London:
1. see Bakerstreet
2. go to Warwick Avenue
3. not having the courage to sing Fergie - London bridge, while actually being on the bridge...
4. bring coins ...
5. See another musical
6. buy more chips....

Well, it just means i would have to come back another time ;)