Monday, February 8, 2016

Em Là Bà Nội Của Anh

 I'm on my way to Copenhagen from Odense after spending 5 days with my family and it has been great! Well, I haven't got as much time to relax as I wanted to but i've met up with my best friend and got reminded of why it's the little things that really makes my day. Odense has changed a lot lately and looks way different from just 6 months ago but i really like the changes. It has become a good completely different town but it still have the familiar feeling of "home".   To be honest I sometimes hating being in copenhagen for too long because people behave differently and in a whole other tempo, which i can't follow at times and it leaves hard at breathing.  Odense gives a breather, but it's also stressful being in Odense because i feel watched all the time. Just try to be at Rosengård Centeret in the hours between 11-16 and count how many asians you see there.... and if you're asian yourself you'll feel paranoid.

I finally took my grandparents out for dinner and since i saved some point being a member here and there, I saved like 60% on the bill. I was not allowed to pay anyways but it made my grandparents laugh a lot. I really got to spend time alone with them, which i've missed a lot because they let me speak more comfortably and without formalities.

Saturday was spend celebrating New Year with my family which just meant that we ate a lot.
Oh yes! Happy new year to all of you !!! May your future bring you fortune and I wish you a good health! :D

I also got to meet my best friend today after not seeing her for like a year. We rarely see each other but no other gets me as she does and when we started talking it was like it was yesterday once more.
She is excited when i am, she cries when i do, and she loves a good "saving money story"! ;'D
The best about her is definitely that  when she invites me out for coffee only to realise that neither one of us drinks coffee so we always end up ordering the sugary stuff like chai or a hot chocolate.  We are both embarrassed that we don't feel mature enough to drink coffee but act like we are in front of others... xD

To be honest the last few days has been a blur and gotten by so fast. I've had a lot of fun but i'm also very tired. Julie has been kicking me and stolen my blanket at night and she's way stronger when she's asleep than awake....  But I had my fun and now i'm back home ;)

Here's a bonus! Dennis and i had a small fight that we had to sort out at Bilka and with lightsabers... and my not so charming laughter .... XD

My younger tircousin introduced me to this song and since then, I havn't gotten it out of my head and while i'm not tired of it (yet) I'm linking it here - It has a really long unnecessary intro but the song really starts at 1.28 ^^

The title of the song is "Em Là Bà Nội Của Anh" which means (roughly translated) "Honey, you're my grandmother" which makes no sense... But it's a cute vietnamese song even though i don't understand 90% of it xD