Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's skip the formalities

I think I start every blog entry with apolgizing for my absence and this time won't be any different, because I must admit I've been too lazy to blog. ATM my life is just as messy as.... I would have said my room, but this time my room is way cleaner than usual ...and that's because I've moved into my new room. I moved to my new place last week and I'm starting to get used to things. I've been quite lonely hanging around myself. I've always been surrounded by people, but as I have moved further in to Copenhagen, I've gradually got more used to being alone. If it wasn't because some restrictions at this place I would get myself a rabbit or hamster to keep my company. At least I have some family and friends here I can hang around, but I really want something to look forward to when I come home,.... Like something else than my bed ....
My dorm room is actually quite spacey when thinking of that it's only for one person... I have my own bathroom and kitchen. Though they are all smal in size, i'm still overjoyed that i even get to have something like that in my room ^^

Since i've ben living here for a week i can already come up with 6 things I love and hate about this place:

1. Walking distance to school
2. Low rent
3. Big room
4. Own toilet and shower
5. Bike parking lot
6.  It's close to all my favorite stores

1. It's close to all my favorite stores
2. NOT a safe area
3. Bars and clubs are too close
4. People on the street likes to sing at 4 am each day
5. Walls are too thin
6. Wifi stinks

And finally there is this one thing I hate the most... But that has nothing to do with my dorm in general.... My bed is a single bed ... I cannot sleep on small beds..... But my parents insisted that I should have a smaller bed than what I'm used to... And even though I agree with them, because my room cannot fit a big bed, I still can't sleep normally on a small bed. It just doesn't feel right. 

Oh yeah ! I painted my room white to make it look bigger... I got some old furniture from my cousin, whom also moved recently and they were all white. When my parents came over to help me move, i did not think that when they said I needed a closet, a table and some other things, that they would buy everything In white as well....... It's not like "60 shades of white".... It's all egg-white (hahahaha!! Get my joke.? Anyone ?) 😜😜😁😁😀😀😀😅😅😅😔😔😔
Okay, truth is that I don't like when it's too white... 

Time to leave you guys, but before I leave, I just want to end this entry with telling you that I downloaded an app that adds filter to your picturs. It's like Instagram just with more filters to choose from. I've taken some pictures around my room with my iPad and played around with them...