Friday, November 8, 2013

Trying another system

Recently I ordered a few things from because they had huge sale which I couldn't miss my chance of. I forgot to order my stuff as soon as the sale started and waited till the very last moment only to my own disappointment. Many of the stuff I wanted in the first place got sold out, but I managed to buy myself something ^^

I bought a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair serum from Finish System 4 and I tested all of them yesterday when they arrived to my place. I bought them in the search for a dandruff shampoo that wouldn't make my scalp itchy or anything, so when I found this I got quite exited that it was on sale.
Added in as a bonus the set is designed for color treated hair!!! ^^ To my surprise I found out afterwards (actually while shampooing my hair) that products from System 4 are made especially for people with premature hair loss and scalp problems. So while rising my hair I fantasized about myself being an old Asian salesman with hair loss problems .... Imagine me with a hole on top of my head ... (many of my uncles actually suffer from this). ..... 

So I tried out the products out and I did not even need to use a big amount of either shampoo or conditioner as usual, which is great ^^
 I actually intended to buy the leave-in hairspray that would repair my hair or an oil- mask, but somehow the hair growth serum was picked instead ..... In don't want my hair to be longer, but find this as an opportunity to test this out. I've thought about coloring my roots an then try out the serum for a month or so, just to see how effective the product really is. 

Good weekend guys  ^^