Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Last sunday there was half price on every movie in every theatre, which i of course took advantage of. I'm not going to turn this blog in to a movie rating site but i just want to recommend "Begin Again". It was quite a good movie and it went directly to my heart so it's worth watching even if its not on half price. The soundtrack is good a little atypical because it's performed by Keira Knightly whom has a gentle and low voice. The last good movie i've seen was The Grand Budapest Hotel and that's some time ago now.  Cee Lo Green stars in Begin Again and luckily I got to see him performing in Tivoli yesterday, making it an unforgettable evening for me since it's my first concert. He's a really good singer and i love his rock n'roll take on his best song Crazy and that he overall just have a crazy voice. A really good experience i had to enjoy wearing headsets because of my sensitive ears XD.

Another one time experience for me was seeing hot air-balloons close up for the first time. They're so huge ! It was really big for me to see whole 15 one of them in a straight line, blinking in the night while listening to music with a bunch of other people who came to watch them as well.  They were so pretty and especially in the moonlight.

There were even samples of Egekilde handed out as well ^^

Summer has almost passed and you know what? I've managed to do nothing on my summer bucket list so far.... Pretty devastating!! but i'll see if i can't get something done within the 2 weeks i have left^^

On the news of that Robin William's passed away yesterday was a big blow for many. He made quite an amount of what you can call classics and I grew up with his movies - no doubt he will be missed.
- if i can recommend any of his movies ? All of them and especially Dead Poet Society.

Night guys! (Here some photos of food ! i just wanted to make you a little jealous !^^)