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How to face your face.

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I'm a type of person that believes almost everything on the net when it comes to beauty. After tried different kind of remedies and products I, at the age 20 think i've got it figured out. I've used my face as a canvas for years and now i just want to share my thoughts and tips on treating your skin right. BUT! Remember that everyone is different and so is their skin. What i'm writing down here next might not be sufficient for you, but then again it's all about testing and trying to find out what might be right for you. AND always give it some time before judging.

If you have super complicated skin (like me): dry and yet oily in periods, you can never depend on one skincare routine. You'll need to both change the products but also change your methods like how you use them.

In the winter i tend to have really dry skin: the skin around my nose is dry, my forehead is a dessert and my cheeks are cracking and yet,  i still suffer with bad and hurtful breakouts around the T-zone and the skin feels tight.
In the summer my skin is oily. Especially the T-zone feels like a nonstop flood of sweating fat but the breakouts are less painful. Having to deal with heat, cold, allergies and sun, I can almost call myself the president of stressed skin and here's my "How to deal with this"-tips.

In the winter your skin needs a lot of moisture. I MEAN A LOT and especially at night. Don't make two layers on your skin withe the same cream, but instead use two different kind of moisturisers and apply a thin layer but enough to cover your face. I use a moisturiser that prevents my skin from breaking out, but yet i don't feel like i get the most out of it, so i use an additional moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated. Apply the second cream after you've made sure that the other cream is thoroughly massaged in to your skin.  If you just have dry skin, I would recommend using a serum in combination with an face-oil at night to lock in the moisture. AND REMEMBER THE EYE CREAM!! IT'S CRUCIAL !
Don't scrub too often even if you're feeling the need to. In the winter you might have really dry areas, where the skin is "cracking". You should rather use a damp washcloth to exfoliate your skin with. Do it while taking a shower - warm water will open your pores, and when the skin is wet, it gets less irritated from scrubbing. Over-exfoliating can actually cause even more dry skin and breakouts.
Skip the toners and skin tonics and stay with a good soap-free cleanser to clean the face without stripping it and also don't towel dry your face after it's cleaned. Let it air dry to soak in the water or dap it lightly so you don't get wet. 

When it comes to makeup, you would rather use cream-based makeup than powder in winter. If your skin is dry, powder-based makeup will make your face look even dryer and also your skin would feel like that. So in with the liquid/cream foundations and concealers instead of the powdery-ones, but still powder your face for a good finish and to prevent smudging.

In the summer .... you should still use a good moisturiser... but better keep it oil-free to prevent eventual breakouts. Serum is still good, but use no oils. continue to massage the products on your face to help blood circulation and it will help your skin absorb the products easier.  Use a thin layer and don't overdo it which can be tempting. Sun, allergies and pollution can stress your skin so make sure to calm it down with an ice-cold splash of water when cleansing your face. A water spray can be useful if your on the run^^.

When it comes to makeup a good primer can be a saviour. Prime your skin and eyes to prevent smudging and eyeshadow collected at the hollows of the lid. Makeup tend to "melt" on your face when it gets hot. Use mineral foundations and concealers and waterproof eyeliner and mascaras, because otherwise, you will be sweating it off and that is not a sight for gods. Actually i would just recommend use little to nothing when it comes to makeup. Use concealer if needed and then a mascara and your good to go. The less the better when it's summer... and you can wear white and your man wouldn't be worried if you leave warpaint/face marks on his favourite shirt. 

Winter, summer, autumn and spring .... USE FREAKING SUNSCREEN !!
but if you have a tendency to get small breakouts by using sun screen, use a moisturiser with SPF. It's lighter and still gives the necessary protection but do not ever use anything congaing SPF before going to bed - it clogs the pores

So here's a recap for you lazy ones that skipped everything !!
- Build up your own  face-routine - make it a habit to clean and layer products.
- Don't be afraid to try out new products, but be sure that you're not allergic.
- Invest in good products  - don't go cheap on your face! (like serums if you have target areas) 
- Use different makeup products dependent on the weather, the time of the year and your skin type.
Keyword: MOISTURE !!!!
Another one?: SLEEP!!!!
Third one ?: WATER !!!!
Last one!! : PATIENCE !!!