Friday, December 5, 2014

always a little late

I've recently watched Mocking jay part one and despite being warned that it wasn't as good as the other movies, I still, with no doubt, fell in (unconditional) love with the plot, the twists and the madness. Especially the melancholic song The Hanging Tree (also called Necklace of Rope) performed by Jennifer Lawrence and somewhat the most thrilling choir i've heard in a long time.  It gave me goosebumps and left me stripped naked and afraid. Even when the movie finished, the song still played on repeat in my head. I must admit doing homework to the song is not (and yet) recommended because it's so solemn in a sad way.  Come to think of it I would put the whole Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings soundtrack on that list as well. It's sugar to my ears but i can hardly concentrate before i start dreaming myself away, when listening to this kind of music. Also I've would preferred if they ended the movie with the Kayne West's rework of Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat song, because it's much more dark in which case suits the ending perfectly.

Something Random: I'm getting quite fond of fake eyelashes again. I had bad experiences using them when i was younger and stopped using them. Also because they were too long and too obvious to wear. The line of the lashes used to be really thick and nowadays the manufactures are making them thinner and even invincible but also in many variations which suits almost everybody with any kind of eyelash problem (length, volume, thickness, feathering etc.) Also it's kinda the season to use it ^^

Talking about the season.....

I can't really believe it's already december... IKEA already started with their countdown 3 months  ago (September 24th to be exact) and i'm just starting mine today. I'm not actually counting down for Christmas - I'm counting down to my exams as any other student. I'm feeling a little under the weather lately and my motivation for school has almost reached its down peak.  I don't really feeling christmas this year.. like where has it gone? or what am i missing? 
Not because i'm longing for vacation or need some time to relax... moreover it's because i'm slightly losing interest and therefore don't remember things the way that i want to. I love the math part when it comes to economics but understanding exaggerated theories about how the agents react to a certain change in the economic is what I don't find super interesting again. Also I'm getting more worried about stuff i don't need to and the confusion sticks around me like a personal cloud. Even if it's nothing to be concerned about i get all worked up inside but keeping it calm on the outside because i don't believe there's anything to be worked all up for. Then again, I tend to bluff myself without knowing..

 I've got a silent storm inside me (reference to Norway's song at the Eurovision contest 2014)..... and slowly it's peeling down the image i've put up like as if it was like peeling a clementine. 

Also since i'm getting older, i kinda know what's good for me and what isn't. That doesn't mean i know what's best though. The problem is that what's bad for me is interesting and what's good for me isn't exciting. Take like dating: Bad boys ain't no good, good boys ain't no fun - So who the heck is the right one ? 
Anyways i'm not bugging around and neither am i waiting for stuff to happen but try to keep my actions in some kind of balance - means i don't always have to do something to make things happen. Sometimes waiting is an action itself and  that can be rewarding. And now i'm speaking like a i'm trying to be a wizard again....