Friday, January 2, 2015

2015: Adding a new chapter

2014  has been quite a year.
So many thing have happened and mostly this year has been a sad one. And not getting too much in to details, all I can say is that I've lost loved ones, literally and metaphorically. I've been met with so many hardships that just the thought of it makes my eyes wet, throat dry and my bones hurt deep inside. I want to throw up so bad. Throw up until there's nothing left inside my stomach and then throw up what i dont have.

And then there have been those moments that reminds me why life is worth living - Why i can't miss anything and that overshadows every single turbulence i've been met with in 2014. Joy, friendship, family, travels, cake etc. Actually just the curiosity for if things could get better than it already is keeps me coming through, having me kept hoping for something better as day pases, months fly and now that even a year has ended it's final page. I can now add this 2014 chapter to my book of life and start a new one for 2015.

For the new year, i have only one new years resolution and to be fairly realistic with the expectations for myself, i've chosen to keep it simpel. Life is too short to fill it with hatred and regrets and that's words i want to live by in 2015 so eat with your eyes, speak your mind, feel with your heart and keep your arms open because maybe your embrace is gonna be met with a mutual warmth. That's what i have my hopes aimed for.

I hoped you all got to celebrate new years eve, that the party was fun, beautiful fireworks and your got to jump in to the new year with everyone you love around you. Mine was filled with delicious food, deafening karaoke, too many sweets and a firework show that lighted hearts and not just the sky. Let's hope 2015 will be a blast.

BONUS: "Ong Thach junior" and all his girls XD