Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY: Last resort mirror

know it has been quiet here on the blog but i just love my vacation too much actually wake up in the morning and make something out of the day. It's 24 days since the last post and forvever since a real rational sounded post here one the blog. I can't even come up with something to fill it up with recently, so i got a DIY-post, i considered trashed. But then again, I kind of like it because it showcases my creativity... or moreover the creative person i miss and want to be even though in many people eyes it's childish.

"creativity is childish if you can't make money of it"

Last time i was in Odense i decided to clean up in some stuff i've hoarders over the years. Those who know me and have been following this blog since ice age, knows i have a bad habit of keeping stuff even when it's broken and not useable. I've collected those small things like hair clippers, earnings, toys and accessories throughout the years and i finally found out what i wanted to do with them.

No, i mean framing a mirror, not making one.... I dont have the skills for actually making a mirror XD

As simple as nothing, i bought a mirror i found on sale at ikea. Since it was quite long and i was among for something more square, i bought a glass cutter to divide the mirror in two. But before that I poured all my stuff on top of the mirror and tried to organise it to see how i would like it to be. I had everything from buttons to old watches and broken earnings. I cut out parts i did not like with a wire cutter and decided a broken bracelet into smaller bits. 

And when i finally found the right composition, I was satisfied with, I cut the mirror in half and glued all the things on with a hot glue gun I had been nagging my father for 2 days to find.... That man is pretty good at hiding stuff... He's so good he doesn't even remember .. and neither does my mother...




(My father finally found out I take after him and my mother is not happy about it XD)