Monday, February 2, 2015


Is it okay for me to miss you?
Is it okay for me to suddenly remember you when i haven't talked to you for years?
Is it okay for me to grieve over you based on a memory i got of you from 10 years ago?
Even though i did not happen to be a person you would think of, i've always been there like you have had for me. In the shadows, not asking questions at all but nodding at each other whenever we meet on a half year basis because we both know what each other had been up to even though not exchanging a single word. Not because we couldn't talk but we had chosen just to greet, to acknowledge each other. You silently let me in, to be a part of your family and i only taught you to count to ten. I couldn't give you anything else because you wanted nothing. What happened to you, should never have happened to anybody. It hurts to know that you're gone. What's worse is the pain you leave your family, friends and loved ones with.
- Being the only boy in your family, you are the one guy i know with the most brothers. You're loved and you still are.