Saturday, February 14, 2015

Make me

Today's valentines day.
I used to love this day.
I used to countdown to this.
It would mean i could bake lemon cupcakes and red velvet cake balls.
I would go all around to share it.
Visit anybody that needed a piece.
Fill up a box and save it just for you.
A little gesture of appreciation and love.
I could indulge so much sweets on this day that it would be a crime.
Feed my hunger for love with sweets.
Eating it without tasting it.
Not enjoying it but swallowing it whole.
Not able to be satisfied
But for once
I'm not hungry.
I've met a very special person
That made me lose my appetite.
And my faith
Can I wash this feeling away?
Can't I just numb my thoughts?
Even thoughts hurts.

"You're as good to me as ginger is"
Well,  too much ginger makes you sick