Friday, March 27, 2015

Close to you

It has been quite silent here hasn't it ?

I hate to say it but i dont feel like blogging anymore. No, it doesn't mean i won't but the feeling about this open diary has changed a lot. It was meant to be a space for my thoughts and my opinions but  not to be confronted with, other than on the world wide web. People close to me know about my blog and I wish they didn't. I hate to write anything down and later to be asked about it. Like if it's really dark, then it's mostly just thoughts that are running through my min. I try to dig deep in my own head to understand and put words on the feelings i have - it doesn't necessarily mean that there is something going on with me and i hate to be asked about it. I feel like i need to explain and cannot just say let me be and that ruins the point of it because my initial intention with the blog post is not supposed to be a topic of discussion.
It's the people closest to me that i'm afraid to be judged by.